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At Appin Biotech, we are driven by a profound mission: to enhance the quality of life for individuals across India through accessible, high-quality pharmaceuticals. With our roots firmly planted in Delhi, we’ve grown to become a trusted name in the medicine manufacturing industry, touching the lives of countless individuals and families.


About Us

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our journey is guided by a singular commitment: your well-being. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Appin Biotech products are the result of cutting-edge research, rigorous quality control, and a passion for improving lives.

Our Products

Explore Our Range of Solutions

Dive into our diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical solutions, thoughtfully designed to meet your unique healthcare needs. From digestive health and allergy management to infection control and vitality enhancement, Appin Biotech products have been developed to empower you to take charge of your health.


Your companion for digestive wellness.

LMPIN Tablet

Breathe easy and conquer allergies.

CLAVIN-625 Tablet

The frontline defense against infections.


Why Choose Appin Biotech?

Unwavering Quality

Our products meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Innovation at Heart

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical science to bring you the best solutions.

Pan-India Presence

Appin Biotech is accessible to individuals all over India, making quality healthcare a reality for all.

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Ready to become an essential part of our mission to bring quality healthcare to every corner of India? Partner with Appin Biotech as a distributor and join us in elevating healthcare standards across the nation.